Deadline For Submission Friday May 26, 2017  by 5:00 pm PST
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Qualifying categories and descriptions:

Solo Warrior Award.
A single, unmarried, father , currently raising his minor (under the age of 18 years) child/(ren) alone, accomplishing the daily routines traditionally performed by a mother such as, but not limited to, washing, cooking, ironing, homework, doctor’s appointment; transports child to and from child care; involved in school and after school activities; involved in community programs and/or organizations, active participant in parent-teacher programs; a father who shows love, compassion for his child/(ren). He must have been a father for at least three (3) years and must have been the primary custodial parent of his child(ren) for at least one (1) year.
Love Cares Award.
A married father, living with his wife and at least one of his biological child(ren) who is under the age of 18 years old; has been a father for at least five (5) years; has demonstrated great responsibility and care for his child(ren); a father who actively participates in the daily routines of child rearing, assistingthe ,other; a father who does all that he can for his in child(ren) ; a father who encourages and shows compassion for his child(ren), not afraid to display affection toward his child(ren); assists them with homework; plays with them; takes them on outings; involved in school activities; and all aspects of child rearing.
Fatherhood Forever Award.
This award is presented to a divorced father, who has divorced his spouse (mother of his child(ren), but not his child(ren). He recognizes that fatherhood continues despite the divorce. This father continues to be actively involved in the life/lives of this child(ren) and does not use divorce as an excuse to neglect his child(ren); he spends quality time with his child(ren) at least weekly; he is in regular communication with his child(ren) in-person, by phone and mail/e-mail; he is aware of school matters, health issues and filed trips; he is involved in activities surrounding the child and provides regular child support for his child(ren) and makes certain that the needs of his child(ren) are met, with or without a court order.; provides emotional as well as financial support; this father does not let the divorce prevent him from a meaningful, loving relationship with his child(ren) and has overcome any and all obstacles which may impede his relationship with his child(ren).
Village Dad Award.
A male who has no biological children. However, he has become a father, either as an adoptive parent, foster parent, or, simply, has stepped into the role of “father” for a child by providing the love, nurture, psychological, and financial support for a child(ren) for whom he has no legal or moral obligation. He spends quality time with the child(ren), such as, taking these non-biological children on outings, assisting them with homework; paying for school or college tuition; involved in some community activity where he acts s as a parent for a child(ren) whose natural father is absent; he understands the importance of family;, he is a positive father-figure; he lends himself to help child(ren) whose father is absent, by serving as mentor, motivator, disciplinarian, financial supporter, handyman, counselor, protector, etc.
Living Legacy Award.
This award is given to a father, grandfather or great-grandfather, etc. who is at least 65 years of age or older; married for at least thirty-five (35) years or more, to the same woman; a father who continues to demonstrate great fatherhood toward his child, children, grandchildren great-grandchildren, community children; a man of good moral character; good work ethics; a role model for fathers under 65 years of age; provides spiritual guidance for the children in his family and the neighborhood children; unselfish, giving, caring and compassionate. He must be alive. This award will not be given posthumously.

Nominations are open to the public each year between the months of February and May. Only applications of those nominees meeting the criteria within the perspective category will be accepted. Please make certain that your Nominee meets all of the criteria set forth in the category for which he is nominated. If not, the application may be rejected or placed in the category the reviewing committee deems appropriate.

In all categories, Nominees should not have any history of domestic violence, spousal abuse, child abuse, parental neglect. All Nominees should be current in child support and should not have any history of non-payment of child support.

All applicants must be a father of good moral character, who actively participates in the lives of his child(ren), giving their health and welfare top priority; must be a father who participates in church, school, extracurricular activities and community activities in which his child(ren) are involved; he must provide financial and emotional support for this child(ren.

All nominated fathers must attend the event. Nominators are encouraged to invite family, friends, co-workers to come to event to celebrate with the nominated father. One table of ten (12) will be reserved for each nominated father and it is expected that each nominated father will fill at least one table. Of course, you may sell more than ten tickets. The nominee will be admitted to the brunch free. All others must pay. You may invite as many people as you like and sell as many tickets as you like. We just encourage you to do your best to fill at least one table. The foundation will not pay for anyone to attend other than the nominated father. Please go to the Ticket Reservation Page for ticket prices.

Please read the nomination requirements carefully for each category and make certain that your nominee meets the requirements for that category.

We do not give posthumous awards.

Example : Number of 2 Ages 3,5
Example: Number of 3 Ages 2,7,11
Example: Number of 3 Ages 2,7,11
Example : Number of 2 Ages 3,5